Hope is on the Way

The memory of that day is etched in my mind - the day my Mom and I accompanied my Dad to his final doctor's appointment. Three months of exhaustive testing led to the heartbreaking diagnosis: ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). It came a year after his retirement, of which included 34 years of honorable service in the United States Air Force. The diagnosis itself was crushing, but what made it even more unbearable was the lack of hope in the delivery.

No matter what the disease may be, a diagnosis should always include HOPE - just a little glimmer - a reason to get up every morning and fight the fight. While my mom, sister and I, along with countless friends and family members, served as my Dad’s source of HOPE - I know a loving and supportive family isn’t always the case.

That is where "I am ALS" steps in to fill in the gap for 5,000 patients who are diagnosed and their families who are heartbroken. We are honored to give proceeds from every hat sale at Kisco General Store and every art sale at Kisco Print Shop to support their hard work and advocacy. Their work means the world to me as it provides Hope for ALS patients and their families. The abundance of information - including a robust database of ALS clinical trials across the globe - is something I wish I knew was there for my Dad. Unfortunately, my amazing father passed away in 2021. We are heartbroken and miss him beyond words. But we know he’d want his life and diagnosis to help others. He fought for our country. He fought ALS. And now we fight for him and others diagnosed with this devastating disease.

- Colleen Williamson, owner and artist of Kisco Print Shop & Kisco General Store

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